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Agile is Dead (Long Live Agility)

In which I stick my neck out and initiate my Agile-is-Dead phase

Telling, Asking, and the Power of Jargon

Vocabulary becomes jargon becomes shortcuts in communicating. Accuracy matters.

Followup to my EMail experiment

I discarded all email I received while on vacation. How did the experiment work?

So I'm trying an email experiment

How to reduce the burden of email build-up when you're away

Some Agile History

Some hand written notes from Snowbird

Failure and Surgeons

Weeding out Bugs

Test Driven or Test First?

Broken Raspberries

No broken windows applies to spilled fruit

Truths from the Declaration of Independence

Why sufferable wins

Debating with Knives

A fun technique to encourage groups to investigate all sides of an issue

First Kill the Architects

Why do we think about architecture, and should we bother?

On Getting Involved

Some wisdom from Francis Ford Coppola


Let's value the process, not the product

Learning from Mistakes