I’ve been blogging for just over 10 years.

Early on, I used by own software, RubLog. It let me write posts in Textile. When I checked them into a repository, they automatically got converted to HTML and were posted as static content on my blog site.

I got tired of managing the self-hosting, and moved to a “proper” blogging service. After a while, I moved to another. At the end of last year, I moved to a third. I then discovered that their supposed change to allow searching of articles wasn’t quite true, and so had to abandon them.

I’ve moved back to somewhere I feel comfortable. I’m now using Octopress. It lets me create blog entries using Markdown, and I check them into a repository. It serves the content as static pages, and it gives me the ability to write plugins to remove the duplication associated with creating consistent formatting of various chunks of content.

It took a little while (read: all of Sunday) to work out how to get two blogs working on a single Github account, but they are working now.

So, for the forseeable future, my main blog will live at pragdave.me, and CodeKata will be at codekata.com.

The good news is that I’ve finally recovered all the assets that had become disbursed or lost over the last 10 years (including the mythical Kata Fifteen). The bad news is that permalinks created in the past turn out to be not so permanent (sorry).

Anyway, now I can stop worrying about the blog, and start worrying about the content.

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