The Pragmatic Studio

code better • have fun

For a while now, Andy and I have been giving our Pragmatic Workshop to companies around the world.Mike Clark, who wrote our Automation Book has been doing the same, running workshops on testing and automation.

So when three of us got talking, it seemed natural to see if we could bring the threads together and produce a combined workshop covering the Starter Kit essentials. The more we talked, the more fun it sounded—we wanted to put together something a bit more lively and interactive that the typical “sit and listen to someone talk” session. And we wanted to make it stick—these practices are vital to project success, and the more we could help teams come away with the will and knowledge to use them, the better.

Mike did all the work, and he’s done an incredible job. The result is the Pragmatic Studio, a series of two-day events held in cities around the country. The first is in Denver on June 20th and 21st, followed by dates in Seattle and Reston. This is just the start—if you want us to come to your town, drop Mike a note and let us know.

I’m excited about this. In the past, we needed to find companies who’d pay the full cost for us to come in and work with their teams. Now Mike’s put together events where companies can share the costs, sending as many team members as they want.

Maybe we’ll see you there…